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Azeotrope in the mixture of ethanol and water
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Ethyl acetate / Acetic acid (P=740 mmHg)
Ethyl acetate / Ethanol
m-Xylene / Aniline (P=745 mmHg)
m-Xylene / o-Xylene (P=200 mmHg)
Methanol / Butanone (P=760 mmHg)
Methanol / Ethanol (P=760 mmHg)
Methanol / Ethylene glycol (P=760 mmHg)
Methanol / n-Propanol (P=760 mmHg)
Methanol / Nitromethane (P=730 mmHg)
Methanol / Water
n-Heptane / Toluene
n-Hexane / Aniline (P=760 mmHg)
n-Hexane / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
n-Hexane / Carbon tetrachloride (P=760 mmHg)
n-Hexane / Cyclohexane (P=757.6 mmHg)
n-Hexane / n-Heptane (P=757.6 mmHg)
p-Xylene / Aniline (P=745 mmHg)
p-Xylene / m-Xylene (P=200 mmHg)
p-Xylene / o-Xylene (P=200 mmHg)
Toluene / m-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Water / Acetic acid (P=760 mmHg)
Water / Ethylene glycol (P=760 mmHg)
Water / n-Propanol (P=750 mmHg)

VLE: Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium

You can specify the vapor-liquid equilibrium in two ways:
   1 - Relative volatility (alpha)
   2 - VLE data table.


You can work with azeotropes in binary mixtures.
See the VLE tables included with the application for:
    - Acetone - Chloroform
    - Ethanol - Water
    - Ethyl acetate - Ethanol
    - Etc...

3 ways to enter / modify values

The values can be modified in 3 ways:
1 - Moving the point with the mouse on the McCabe-Thiele diagram:
       We can change this way: Relative volatility, mole fractions of feed, distillate and bottoms,
       point q, parameter q, reflux ratio.
2 - Moving the graph cursor of the corresponding data.
3 - Writing its value.

Operational lines and q-line

Shows the enriching operating line, exhausting operating line, q-line and equations of each one.
We can move the q-point (point of intersection of these lines) on the McCabe-Thiele diagram.

Number of each theoretical tray

Shows the number of each theoretical tray in the McCabe-Thiele diagram.
47 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium data tables

Acetic acid / Cyclohexane (P=760 mmHg)
Acetone / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
Acetone / Butanone (P=760 mmHg)l
Acetone / Carbon tetrachloride (P=760 mmHg)
Acetone / Chloroform
Acetone / Ethanol
Acetone / Methanol (P=760 mmHg)l
Acetone / Water
Benzene / Cyclohexane (P=760 mmHg)
Benzene / m-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Benzene / Toluene
Butanone / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
Butanone / n-Propanol (P=760 mmHg)
Butanone / p-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Butanone / Toluene (P=760 mmHg)
Carbon tetrachloride / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
Carbon tetrachloride / m-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Carbon tetrachloride / o-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Carbon tetrachloride / p-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Cyclohexane / n-Propanol (P=760 mmHg)
Ethanol / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
Ethanol / Nitromethane (P=730 mmHg)
Ethanol / o-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Ethanol / Water
Other features

- Mole fractions of feed, distillate and bottoms.
- Relative volatility
- Table of vapor-liquid equilibrium
- Open / save table of liquid-vapor equilibrium
- Parameter q: Thermal state  feed.
- Reflux ratio
- Minimum reflux ratio
- Overall plate efficiency
- Number of the feed plate
- Total number of theoretical plates (NTP)

- Printing of report:
     - Input values
     - Table of vapor-liquid equilibrium
     - Equations of operating lines and q-line
     - Graphical of McCabe-Thiele
     - Table with the mole fractions of the plates
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> 47 Vapor-Liquid equilibrium data tables included

> Full printable reports with results and graph

> Number of each tray in the graphic

> You can change values on the Y-X diagram

> Edit your own Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium table

> Equations of the operating lines

For Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, VaxaSoftware brings this new application for assistance in the design of distillation towers.

Calculate the number of theoretical trays by the McCabe-Thiele method for distillation columns of binary mixtures.

New version 2.2.3

Design of distillation columns using McCabe-Thiele method

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Main features (*)
* In the unregistered version you can only edit 1 mole fraction each time (feed, distillate or bottom) randomly.
Create your own worksheets
in seconds.
Number of theoretical trays
by the McCabe-Thiele method.

New application for assistance
in the design of beams.

- Probability
- Two variables statistics
- Total Probability Law
- Bayes' Theorem.