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> 47 Vapor-Liquid equilibrium data tables included

> Full printable reports with results and graph

> Number of each tray in the graphic

> You can change values on the Y-X diagram

> Edit your own Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium table

> Equations of the operating lines

New version 2.2.3

Number of theoretical trays of distillation columns by McCabe-Thiele method

For Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, VaxaSoftware brings this new application for assistance in the design of distillation towers.

Calculate the number of theoretical trays by the McCabe-Thiele method for distillation columns of binary mixtures.

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Azeotrope in the mixture of ethanol and water
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Ethyl acetate / Acetic acid (P=740 mmHg)
Ethyl acetate / Ethanol
m-Xylene / Aniline (P=745 mmHg)
m-Xylene / o-Xylene (P=200 mmHg)
Methanol / Butanone (P=760 mmHg)
Methanol / Ethanol (P=760 mmHg)
Methanol / Ethylene glycol (P=760 mmHg)
Methanol / n-Propanol (P=760 mmHg)
Methanol / Nitromethane (P=730 mmHg)
Methanol / Water
n-Heptane / Toluene
n-Hexane / Aniline (P=760 mmHg)
n-Hexane / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
n-Hexane / Carbon tetrachloride (P=760 mmHg)
n-Hexane / Cyclohexane (P=757.6 mmHg)
n-Hexane / n-Heptane (P=757.6 mmHg)
p-Xylene / Aniline (P=745 mmHg)
p-Xylene / m-Xylene (P=200 mmHg)
p-Xylene / o-Xylene (P=200 mmHg)
Toluene / m-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Water / Acetic acid (P=760 mmHg)
Water / Ethylene glycol (P=760 mmHg)
Water / n-Propanol (P=750 mmHg)

VLE: Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium

You can specify the vapor-liquid equilibrium in two ways:
   1 - Relative volatility (alpha)
   2 - VLE data table.


You can work with azeotropes in binary mixtures.
See the VLE tables included with the application for:
    - Acetone - Chloroform
    - Ethanol - Water
    - Ethyl acetate - Ethanol
    - Etc...

3 ways to enter / modify values

The values can be modified in 3 ways:
1 - Moving the point with the mouse on the McCabe-Thiele diagram:
       We can change this way: Relative volatility, mole fractions of feed, distillate and bottoms,
       point q, parameter q, reflux ratio.
2 - Moving the graph cursor of the corresponding data.
3 - Writing its value.

Operational lines and q-line

Shows the enriching operating line, exhausting operating line, q-line and equations of each one.
We can move the q-point (point of intersection of these lines) on the McCabe-Thiele diagram.

Number of each theoretical tray

Shows the number of each theoretical tray in the McCabe-Thiele diagram.
47 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium data tables

Acetic acid / Cyclohexane (P=760 mmHg)
Acetone / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
Acetone / Butanone (P=760 mmHg)l
Acetone / Carbon tetrachloride (P=760 mmHg)
Acetone / Chloroform
Acetone / Ethanol
Acetone / Methanol (P=760 mmHg)l
Acetone / Water
Benzene / Cyclohexane (P=760 mmHg)
Benzene / m-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Benzene / Toluene
Butanone / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
Butanone / n-Propanol (P=760 mmHg)
Butanone / p-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Butanone / Toluene (P=760 mmHg)
Carbon tetrachloride / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
Carbon tetrachloride / m-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Carbon tetrachloride / o-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Carbon tetrachloride / p-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Cyclohexane / n-Propanol (P=760 mmHg)
Ethanol / Benzene (P=760 mmHg)
Ethanol / Nitromethane (P=730 mmHg)
Ethanol / o-Xylene (P=760 mmHg)
Ethanol / Water
Other features

- Mole fractions of feed, distillate and bottoms.
- Relative volatility
- Table of vapor-liquid equilibrium
- Open / save table of liquid-vapor equilibrium
- Parameter q: Thermal state  feed.
- Reflux ratio
- Minimum reflux ratio
- Overall plate efficiency
- Number of the feed plate
- Total number of theoretical plates (NTP)

- Printing of report:
     - Input values
     - Table of vapor-liquid equilibrium
     - Equations of operating lines and q-line
     - Graphical of McCabe-Thiele
     - Table with the mole fractions of the plates
Main features (*)
* In the unregistered version you can only edit 1 mole fraction each time (feed, distillate or bottom) randomly.
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Number of theoretical trays
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