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167 functionalities
Graphics, solving equations, integrals, derivatives, maxima/minima, determinant, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, reciprocal trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, logarithms and exponentials, combinations, rectangular-polar conversions, normal and binomial probability, mean and ratio confidence interval estimation, date calculations, primality test, gcm, lcm, etc.

12 function analysis
Graph (with parameter), numeric integration, 1st and 2nd derivative, maximum, minimum, inflection, Average Rate of Change (AROC) , value of a function, tangent and normal straight lines, sum of values of a function.

Fraction / pi fraction / rationalized root output format
We can see results in ordinary fractions, pi number fractions and rationalized root fractions.

Date calculations
Number of days between two dates. Date to add/subtract days to a given date. Weekday. Julian Date.

Solving 5 different types of equations
Generic, quadratic and cubic equations, linear 2x2 and linear 3x3 equations system.

37 Scientific constants
A useful selection of constants for science and technology.

Mean confidence interval estimation
Mean confidence interval estimation when the size of the sample, mean of the sample, standard deviation of population and confidence level are known.

Ratio confidence interval estimation
Ratio confidence interval estimation when the size of the sample, ratio of the sample and confidence level are known.

Greatest common measure and Least common multiple
Performs GCM and LCM calculations. (min.: 2 values, max.: 10 values).

Binary and hexadecimal input/output
Binary (base 2) and hexadecimal (base 16) calculations.

Normal distribution
Lower probability for normal distribution calculation.
Normal distribution variable value calculation when lower probability is given.

Binomial distribution
Probability for binomial distribution.

16 precision digits
Internal calculations are performed with 16 digits to get exact results.

FIX / SCI output format
FIX: Fixed number of decimal places.
SCI: Fixed number of significant digits in scientific notation.

Very large numbers in scientific notation
This wide range allows us to deal any challenge of calculation.

28 levels of parentheses
We can nest until 28 levels of parentheses in our expression calculations.

Other features:
- 3 x 3 determinant
- Results are copied automatically to the clipboard.
- Always visible option (the application window is always on top).
- Integer part, absolute value and factorials:  int x,  | x |,  x!
- Any base logarithm: LGB
- Random numbers:  RAN# / RND
- Percentage calculations: %
- Sexagesimal input / output: degrees, minutes and seconds  °   '   "
- Last answer function and command: ANS
- Last 32 expressions checking.
- 25 user's variables (memories) (they are saved even when the application is closed)
- 8 output formats (including dates)
- 3 angular units: DEG, RAD, GRA

- Width = 755 px,   height = 346 px

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(*) Some features are only available in the registered version. In order to get more information you can:
a) Check the Specifications section of the User's manual of application.
b) In the application main window: Click the Help button and click on Disabled functions in the unregistered version.
Graphics, solving equations, integrals, derivatives, dates, probability, binary and hexadecimal calculations and more.
Easy use. Wide range and high precision calculations.
User's Manual.

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Windows XP - Vista - 7 - 8 - 10

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CX90E - Scientific graphing calculator for Windows ®

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