All the users of the software have accept the next terms of use:

Terms of use for commercial software

In no event shall VaxaSoftware be liable to anyone for direct, indirect, special, collateral, incidental, or consequential damages by the use or impossibility of use of the software, nor by the effects in the operation of other software or the operating system.

Before the installation we recommended to make backup of your data and create a restoration point.

You will be able freely to evaluate the software during the time that considers necessary. Passed this period of evaluation you would have or to register it or uninstall it.

To register the software, please see the option "REGISTER APPLICATION" in the help menu of the software.

After paying the registry fee you will receive by email the REGISTRATION KEY of the software.
Once registered the software, it will be able to use the options that were disabled until that moment.


You cannot use the same REGISTRATION KEY for multiple computers.

You can freely distribute unaltered copies of the installation system of the software to other users.
You cannot decompile the software nor use no type of reverse engineer for its analysis or modification.
You cannot use part or the totality of the software to create a new software.

Our site does not use cookies.

Design, products, specifications, and prices are for information purposes only. VaxaSoftware reserves the right to change or modify design, products, specifications, and prices at any time without prior notice.

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Terms of use for free educational resources
VaxaSoftware assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the free educational resources.
VaxaSoftware assumes no liability for the validity of the free educational resources.

Explanatory note
This page has exclusively informative and no legal character, reason why it will not be possible to be used as it bases for any kind of trial.

The offered contents are subject to changes without previous notice.

Terms of use
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