Try this free utility from VaxaSoftware to print your own Graph Paper.

10 features
Printer name, paper size, printer zone size, choose grid colour...

Choose your own grid colour
We can change the grid colour easily with the colour dialog window.

Show grid colour
Application shows always the current grid colour.

Grid with 3 thickness lines
Graph paper is printed with three thickness lines:
  Thickness (mm)      Lines
       0.05                       1 mm spaced lines
       0.10                       5 mm spaced lines
       0.15                     10 mm spaced lines

Paper size and Printer zone size
For each printer you choose GRPP shows paper size and printer zone size.

Other features
Reset the grid default colour.

Width = 487 px,  height = 308 px

Actual size - Non contractual image
Fictional box. Only available for download
Main features
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Windows XP - Vista - 7 - 8 - 10

New version 1.7.1


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Free graph paper printer software for Windows ®