Acid-base equilibrium for Windows ®

Calculate pH, concentrations, equilibrium constants, degree of dissociation, volumes...

FunGraph - Graphs of mathematical functions

Graphs for 5 types of functions:
Single,  Piecewise,  Parametric,  Polar and Multiple.

Distillation Simulator

Simulation of Single or Multi-stage distillation
VLE (vapor liquid equilibrium) using relative volatility or VLE-table

Win Titration - Acid-base titration calculator for Windows ®

Table and pH-curve printing.
4 types of titrations:  Strong/weak acid, strong/weak base.
27 indicators. Indicator color changes according to pH values.

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Software for Windows ®

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New application for assistance
in the design of beams.

- Probability.Two variables statistics.
- Total Probability Law. Bayes' Theorem.

For teachers.
Create and print your own worksheets in seconds
Fictional boxes. Only available for download
More software

Number of theoretical trays by the McCabe-Thiele method.