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Worksheet Generators for Maths, Physics and Chemistry

For teachers.
Create your own worksheets for Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
StaTool - Statistics and Probability tools

- Hypothesis testing / Confidence interval estimation.
- Probability distributions / One variable statistics.
- Two variables statistics / Total Probability Law and Bayes' Theorem.
- Probability of A and B events.
- Graphics: scatter plot, regression curve, bar and histogram charts.

FREE mRNA codon sequences to amino acids translator

You can Translate the mRNA codon sequence
into amino acids using the Standard Genetic Code.

Acid-base equilibrium for Windows ®

You can plot graphics, calculate pH, concentrations, equilibrium constants, degree of dissociation and volumes for 34 types of acid-base equilibria.
Strong and weak , monoprotic, diprotic and triprotic acids.

Number of theoretical plates by McCabe-Thiele method

Number of theoretical plates for a distillation column using McCabe-Thiele method.
For Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, VaxaSoftware brings this new application for assistance in the design of distillation towers.
Printing the results and the McCabe-Thiele diagram. Comprehensive User's Manual.

Free Graph Paper Printer

Do-it-yourself Graph Paper
Do you need Graph Paper?
Try our new free utility to print your own Graph Paper.

FunGraph - Graphs of mathematical functions

At home or in the classroom,
FunGraph is suitable both for learning and for teaching.
Graphs for 5 types of functions: Single,  Piecewise,  Parametric,  Polar and Multiple.
Easy and fast to use - Comprehensive User's Manual.

Distillation Simulator

Simulation of distillation of binary mixtures.
Concentrations vs distillation progress.
Single or Multi-stage distillation. Graphs and table of results
VLE (vapor liquid equilibrium) using relative volatility or VLE-table

Beam deflection calculator

For Civil Engineering, VaxaSoftware brings this new application for assistance in the design of beams.
Now you can calculate deflection, slope, bending moment, shear force and reactions for 54 types of beams + loads
Maximum shear, bending, slope and deformation.
Comprehensive User's Manual.

Win Titration - Acid - base titration calculations for Windows

Titration curve (pH vs. volume curve).
4 types of titrations:  Strong/weak acid, strong/weak base.
27 indicators. Indicator color changes according to pH values.
Table and pH-curve printing. User's manual.

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